“In the stillness of the desert, a man’s heart and soul is reflected”

Объявления о продаже штор
Company established in 2009. Al Badeyah Eyes desert safari camp focuses on the heritage, tradition and culture of the UAE. A family oriented and kid friendly  camp supported by Khalifa Fund. We take pride in our culture and give our visitors the opportunity to experience the authentic heritage and lifestyle of the Bedouin people.

гардин и карнизов в Гомеле. Описание
To Design FUN filled & Adventurous Desert Entertainment Programs in the safest manner that satisfy the needs of all kinds of customers like Tourists, Families, Kids, Corporate and General Public and thereby Create Memorable Moments for them to Cherish their Camp Life blended with unique insights on U.A.E  heritage and tradition.

Al Badeyah Eyes Tourism is one of the leading DESERT Safari providers in UAE supported by Khalifa fund with the vision of presenting the heritage of United Arab Emirates